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Jun. 11, 1906 Shozo Muraki established the Muraki Store in Higashi-ku, Osaka
Mar. 1936 Reorganized as Muraki Watch Store Co., Ltd. (capital 500,000 yen)
Apr. 1940 Tokyo branch office established in Nihombashi Kabuto-cho, Tokyo
Apr. 1945 Eitaro Muraki named the company president
Mar. 1952 Tokyo branch office became independent
Muraki Watch Co., Ltd., established (capital 500,000 yen)
Dec. 1961 New office building constructed in Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Mar. 1965 Muraki Watch Co., Ltd. and Muraki Watch Store Co., Ltd. merged to establish Muraki Watch Co., Ltd.
The head office and Osaka branch office were located in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively (capital 13.3 million yen)
Sep. 1967 Capital increased to 20 million yen
Feb. 1968 New building for Osaka branch office constructed in Minami-semba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Nov. 1981 Eiichi Muraki named the company president
Apr. 1983 Nagoya branch office established in Higashi-ku, Nagoya
Sep. 1984 Company name changed to "Muraki, Ltd."
Dec. 1984 Capital increased to 71 million yen
Feb. 1986 Capital increased to 80 million yen
Dec. 1989 Capital increased to 100 million yen
Jan. 1990 Osaka branch office building replaced with a newly constructed one
Sep. 1992 Yoshihiro Muraki named the company president
Jun. 1994 Singapore branch office established
Aug. 2000 Singapore branch office closed
Sep. 2000 Manila MKP, Inc. established
May 2002 Hong Kong MKH Ltd. and the Shenzhen representative office established
Jan. 2005 ISO 14001 certified
Jun. 2006 The 100th anniversary of foundation celebrated
Sep. 2006 Yoshihiro Kiuchi named the company president
Dec. 2006 Capital increased to 310 million yen
Jan. 2009 Subsidiary company, Muraki Trading Co., Ltd. took over
Dec. 2009 Kunshan MKK Ltd. Established
Nov. 2010 Shenzhen MKS Ltd. Established
May 2011 Malaysia representative office established
Sep. 2015 Fukuoka Office established
Sep. 2018 Kofu Office established
Sep. 2021 Shinji Yamamoto named the company president
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