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MURAKI Ltd., agrees the policy of SDGs and incorporating SDGs in our management.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

MURAKI LTD., as a company that provides "a means for employees to enrich their lives through work," recognizes that the conservation of the global environment is one of the top priority issues common to all mankind and hereby sets "striving to conserve the natural environment and pursuing better corporate activities that are environmentally-friendly" as our basic principle.
In light of the fact that our company engages in the export/import and sales of watches and clocks, jewelry, machine tools, precision components and electronic equipment, we shall conduct environmental management in accordance with the following policy.

Basic Policy

  1. We shall always keep in mind the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services, and promote the prevention of environmental pollution while improving our environment management system in a continual manner.
  2. We shall comply with legal requirements applicable to our activities, products and services, as well as other requirements which we have agreed to observe.
  3. Among the significant environmental aspects related to our activities, products and services, we shall address the following items as key environmental management issues.

Key Issues

  1. Promotion of the development and sales of green products
  2. Improvement in proper inventory management
  3. Reduction and recycling of waste
  4. Promote employees' trainning
  5. Promotion of reduction in environmental burden by improving business operations

In an effort to achieve our environmental policy, we shall set environmental objectives and goals, make them widely known to all employees and persons working for our company and make the environmental policy public.

Sep 1, 2022
MURALI LTD. President
Shinji Yamamoto
Environmental Activities
Environmental Policy
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