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Management Philosophy & Greetings


It has been 100 years since we started our watch business in 1906 in the pursuit of delivering technology and products that inspire our customers. We have since developed into a company with the five business divisions of Watch & Clock, Jewellery, Machine Tool, Precision Components and Electronic Equipment. Since that time, we have maintained the spirit of the founder, namely, "Integrity, Passion and Progress."

With the aim of delivering the world's highest quality products to the world's top companies, we have committed ourselves to our business and now have our own manufacturing plant in the Philippines. Moreover, we have been promoting globalization and have established local companies in Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen and Kunshan) and resident offices in Malaysia.
We aim to become a company that can blaze a new trail in industry through our business activities, contribute to the environment and society at large and return profits to our employees.

MURAKI LTD. President Shinji Yamamoto

Management Philosophy

Our goal is to be a reliable company that contributes to society by operating from the viewpoint of all domestic and foreign business partners through sound business activities to grow and develop permanently with our partners.

Management Policies

  1. We shall comply with laws and regulations in consideration of the environment into consideration.
  2. We shall create a company that respects humans and makes all employees feel worthwhile.
  3. We shall improve the quality of employees, products, technology, and services and aim for the realization of an excellent company.
  4. We shall cultivate human resources with high creativity through employee training and self-development.
  5. We shall target the development of our company as well as the improvement of life and the welfare of our employees.
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Management Philosophy & Greetings
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