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We believe that excellent products are those sought after by customers.

Taking advantage of our experience in the manufacture of small lathes and gear cutters in 1930's, Muraki resumed dealing in small precision lathes manufactured by Bohle AG, Germany to start full-scale operations of our Machine and Tool Division. Since then, the Division has continued to deal with excellent "appealing" products, such as the carbide tools of DIXI (Switzerland) and the drill chucks of ALBRECHT (Germany), in order to offer a wider assortment of merchandise.

  • Switzerland: DIXI
    Switzerland: DIXI
  • Germany: ALBRECHT
    Germany: ALBRECHT
  • United States: MRA
    United States: MRA

In addition to the above, the Division today deals in a wide range of tools for machines imported from Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world, such as the carbide tools of MRA (U.S.A.), the cutting tools of ILIX (Germany), the gun drills of Botek (Germany) and the industrial brushes of OSBORN (Germany), and offers these products to a wide spectrum of industries including automotive, machine tools, electric and electronics, heavy industries and aerospace.

  • Germany: ILIX
    Germany: ILIX
  • Germany: botek
    Germany: botek
  • ドGermany: OSBORN
    Germany: OSBORN

What should be done to sell these appealing products? The answer is a customer-oriented "drive for action."
The Division arranges each product to suit customer needs and the Japanese market. In addition, the Division converts its expertise matching customer needs into software packages for use with hardware/tools for machines.

Muraki continues to provide information of hybrid technologies developed by combining Euro-American and Japanese technologies.